Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Halloween

We went to Valerie's for pizaa on Halloween. They have a ton of trick or treaters over there than at our house. Here are the 2011 costumes...TaDa!!
Kyla and Kaleb. A little witchy huh?? We told Kaleb to give us a mean serious, I mean business SWAT look and he is the perfect one to do that!! LOL Tyler was the contruction working guy. After all he LOVES tools and taking things apart and putting them back together again. It was the perfect costume for him.
Molly was the adorable lil pumpkin!! The smiles and brown hair topped this pumpkin off!!
Zac was the UPS man and Valerie took him out that day around places and to see people so he made a haul before trick or treating.
Every UPS guy needs a package and so here is his package!! Little Bailey with a pink bow on top. On the front it says: FRAGILE, Handle with care, has a mailing label to Mom and Dad and a angel postage stamp. On the back it says This Side UP with an arrow!! LOLValerie didnt even need a costume, her shirt says it ALL!!!All the kids got skeletons jammies. I thought that they were just adorable. The bones glow in the dark and Kim found them skeleton gloves too!! Jazzi was a skeleton last year so she fits in perfect!!After Halloween, all the kids were coming over for a sleep over so stay tuned!!

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