Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Baby crown

Valerie wanted a crown for Bailey on top of her car carrier.  I used the silver pipe cleaners to lift it off of the carrier instead of sewing it right to the carrier. I shaped them into the 8 crown pieces and 2 heart pieces and a long one for the bottom.
For the pink beading, I took a string of maybe 6-8 beads at a time and sewed them to the pipe cleaner and sewed the pipe cleaner to the carrier at the same time nice and tight.
 For the silver part, I found a piece of trim with sparkles on it and I sewed the trim to the silver pipe cleaner and to the carrier also nice and tight. It worked perfectly and it never came loose at all. The carrier just happen to say Princess on it so she will be know as Pincess Bailey!! LOL

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