Monday, July 23, 2012

My new toaster

The other day our toaster died right in the middle of toasting Dons toast, lol Kim said that she would buy one when she was at the store. So they are there and she is looking at one with a retractable cord etc and all of a sudden Kaleb spotted the "Perfect" toaster up high.. He looked around and on the bottom of the shelf he found one in its box. They bought it and he had me close my eyes and he put this box in my hands. I open them and this is what I saw!!! YAY!! I was thrilled to death!!
Yep, that's right a PURPLE toaster and oh, it is soo pretty, I love it!!
So of course, I had to get pictures of Kaleb with the toaster and Kim is going Oh no!! LOL honor of Kaleb finding me the "perfect" toaster, we decided that he could have the very first piece of toast from the new Purple toaster!! And it works great too. Thanks Kaleb!!

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