Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Our day at the Park

The other day I was watching the kids and I wanted to do something different than going to the pool and it wasnt as HOT that day. So we packed a lunch and headed off to the park. Of course, people on the other table had McDonalds and they are like Grandma, why cant we have Mc Donalds? LOL Well....cuz we are having the real picnic experince, I dont think they were buying it LOL
This was a park that we had never been to before and as soon as we pulled in they both about died when they saw  this. The said OH, that is just like the one that cousin Brian played with us on when he took us to the lake. As soon as they ate, they ran right over to it. I was instructed to get them going really really fast, cuz they love it that way. Alrighty, I got them going and they said that Cousin Brian did it awhole lot faster!! I said Well, Cousin Brian is alot younger than I am LOL They did have so much fun on it though even though it wasnt as fast as Cousin Brian goes!!
Played some more.....

And by now, we were getting warm so what else cools you off like some good ice-cream from the Dairy Ripple. It was sooo good and it turned out to be a fun day at the park.
Hey Cousin Brian!! Wanna come and get them going really really fast?????

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