Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jess and Scott come from Texas

We were so excited to have Jess, Scott, Tyler and Molly here for a visit. Tyler was so excited to see his cousins, and Kyla and Kaleb have been counting down the days. As soon as the kids got home from school they were outside playing on the swing set, running all over the yard jumping on the tramps, riding bikes, scooters and writing with the chalk.

The boys ALWAYS love to work on the car, so they got right to it. They know just how to flip it over and to work they go. I don't know what all they do but they seem to know and they love it!!
All fixed up for the girls to ride in.
They are enjoying walks with Grandpa Chambers. He usually takes them to the park.
Grandpa love his 2 little girls and they love their grandpa.
All the boys love Lego's and Tyler made several little cars.
Since Tyler is missing school, him and Kyla work on homework together.
Crafts is always a hit and they love to do them. These are door hangers.
They are playing hideout while waiting for Kaleb to get home from school. It actually makes a pretty cool spot to hang out.
Molly loves the little desk and she likes to read her books there.
While Bailey pushes the stroller. It helped her to walk too, although she cant turn it so she just goes straight LOL
Now....these stairs pictures are funny. Molly must be worn out cuz she sat down here for a few minutes and she fell asleep. ha!
On the flip side, Bailey climbed a stair or two and was trying to get down and got herself in quite a predicament, All she could do was scream for help, Ha!
This was just Wednesday and Thursday, and we have 3 days left. Wednesday, the kids were so excited that they noise level was way up there and it was a little overwhelming for me even LOL It was so nice to get them in bed Wednesday night!! LOL But we are having fun so far.

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