Sunday, September 2, 2012

Re-purposed computer monitor

Our old computer monitor went out, dead as a doornail!! So we had to go and buy a new one. I was going to throw the old one away but I hated to do it and thought that maybe I could re-purpose it. I had several ideas and decided on a magnet board for my computer room.
At Michael's they have these magnet boards that they sell and they have lots of different patterns on them. I went with the zebra print. I bought 2 of them and had to cut the second one down by about 4-5  inches and they fit perfect. I glued them to the monitor with a good strong glue, added some purple butterflies because purple is my favorite color and I had them on hand lol
The magnet board came with these 6 magnets so it is just perfect. I feel good about saving something from the dump!!


  1. That’s nice that you’ve seen potential in such an electronic gadget. Usually, technical stuff goes straight to the bin after it has served its purpose. Now, the monitor was reborn. It looks like an expensive magnet board with the frame, the stand, and all! :D What model did you replace it with, by the way?

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