Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter Time

Kyla and Kaleb Easter morning!!
That afternoon we went to Valerie's for dinner and a egg hunt. Now for some reason, I wasnt really with it and I didnt realize that they had started looking for eggs, so the egg pics are pretty spars. There were tons of them all over the place but of course, I have NO picture of it, LOL
Kim and Valerie had the kids pictures taken with baby chicks in their Easter outfits!! Here are my favorites:
Allissa, Zac and Bailey
 Kyla and Kaleb
 I bet those baby chicks were pretty worn out, LOL


  1. what is up with collecting easter eggs in a walmart bag? where are their baskets? The baby chick pics turned out great. Tyler was bummed he missed those.

  2. I brought the baskets but everyone wanted a walmart bag more~~ GO figure!!! There were more eggs than their small baskets would have held anyways!! After Easter, Kim bought them bigger baskets for next year.

    Molly and Tyler would have LOVED the baby chicks!!!

  3. You are my awe post of the day - that is so cute. Hey the snow is melting too. sandie