Saturday, April 27, 2013

Zac's Cubbie Award Ceremony

 This year Zac was old enough to go Awana's with Kyla and Kaleb at Maywood Free Church. Zac was in the 3 yr old Cubbie's.
 Last Wednesday night, they had the graduation ceremony for the Cubbies:
They recited some Bible verses together as a group:
And they sang some songs along with the hand motions:

Then Zac was presented with his Cubbie award certificate. He also got a little stuffed Cubbie to wear on his vest. In talking with his teacher, we learned that:
He is quiet and does just what he is told,
He listens and answers the questions right,
He doesnt talk or jump or act crazy in class,
He has no stories for the teacher about his family,
He is the perfect kid and they all love him.
I am asking myself, Are they talking about the same kid  that we all know and love??? LOL
 Bailey was so Happy for Zac, that she ran up and gave him a BIG hug over and over again. Everyone around thought that it was so cute and of course, it was. :-)
 Then came refreshment time and dodge ball time. The leader said that this is the kids favorite game to play at Cubbies. They certainly know what to do because there were balls going everywhere.
 Bailey fit right in and was not intimidated one bit with the big kids. WHY does this not surprise anyone??? LOL
 She was running around just like they were and throwing the ball. It was fun to watch the kids play.
 A picture of Mom, Dad and Zac taken under protest from Zac. He just wanted to play more and look at that red face, it was Red!!! Congrats Zac on your accomplishment!!!

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  1. My kids used to go tot he Awana's and wore that cute little vest and get the awards boy I miss those days. How wonderful and he is soooooooooooooooo sweet.sandie