Saturday, June 1, 2013

Grill/marathon/kalebs graduation/parade/Toms house/color run

 Since Mothers day, there has been lots of stuff going on. Don got a new BBQ grill from the kids for his B-day. Kim and I decided to put it together for him, I mean how tough can it really be???
 Well......2 hrs, 45 mi later TADA!! 1 new BBQ grill and it works fantastic!!! Not that Don ever cooks on it but he likes the food that IS cooked on it ☺
Kim ran her 1st 1/2 marathon in Rockford. She did good, we were so proud of her and she kept running but she was tired by the end. says she wont be doing another one for awhile lol

 Kaleb graduated from Preschool!! YAY, Kindergarden and every day school come August 14, not like we are counting or anything!!! lol He went to a wonderful preschool and had the best 2 teachers!!
 Kaleb LOVES to dress up in his suit and there is another little girl in his class that likes to dress up as much as he does. Don't they look cute and take a look at her shoes, lol
 Next was the Memorial day parade. Jason was driving the Loves Park ladder truck and so Zac got to ride in it with his dad. You cant see Zac but he is in there waving to everyone!!
 3 of our grand daughters, Sydney, Bailey and Katie
 The grand kids with the duck!!
 Tom bought himself his very own house and closed on it this week. It is 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage, nice deck and yard. It is a pretty good size home and he is so excited and ready to make it his own, so we are excited about that. Now....I have an empty basement to figure out what to do with ☺
Today was the Color Vibe run in Belvidere. It was a 5 K and so Kim and her friends ran it. There are a zillion people that run/walk and so they started them in waves. We saw them in the beginning and not again until the end, there were just way too many people there but it was fun for the kids and I to watch.


Allissa and her friend also ran the Color run!!
So while I  havent posted much, there is alot going on and more to come!!


  1. I can tell you have quite a bit going on - but all of it good - with beautiful children. sandie

  2. Hey Diana, Graduation from pre-school????? That doesn't happen here!! The grandkids all look happy and I can only imagine what's going to take place in your basement now! Tom's house looks lovely - is the house close to you?

    I just saw the pictures of the "the gutter" ... I am speechless! What a great idea - I take it there was ice-cream in the bottom?? Yummo!