Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kyla's birthday party

Kyla turned 4 in July, so we had a party for her. Of course, it had to be Pink!! since that is her favorite color. The night before, Kim decorated her door, so this is what she woke up too. She was quite surprised to see it She got to pick the menu, so we had homemade Pizza and a pretty princess cake for dessert. She helped her mom do the cleaning, cooking and baking and it turned out really good. She was very excited because "her kids" were coming over, which is her brother and 2 sisters.
There was no shortage of gifts as you can see. She got some clothes, a tea set, games, roller skates, and to much for me to remember all of it.The Princess birthday cake:
Kyla had a very nice Birthday Party and she loved all of it!!

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