Saturday, August 22, 2009

Little Zac is growing up!!

We all remember this day!! June 16th, 2009 ~~Little Zac is born.
He has led a rough life so far, I mean so many people love to hold him and play with him. Cousins:Aunt Jess:
Uncle Tom:
Zac is growing pretty fast, They all look like angels when they are sleeping!!
Now, that Valerie is back to work, we get to see him more often since we babysit. Valerie's first day back to work at Machine Shed.
Jazzi even likes to give him kisses:
Zac is starting to smile more and do some cooing at us.
Mom says he likes his Boppy seat, but we dont get the same idea.
As he gets older, he is developing his personality.
When he is Happy, he is all smiles :-D
And when he isn't Happy, lets say....he has a really bad temper!!!
and he isn't afraid to let you know exactly how he feels about something.
He can scream with the best of them and his face turns all red!! He is a little bit of a Drama King, like his mom was a Drama Girl!! It is funny. But, thats ok, we LOVE him anyways and will keep him around.

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  1. Adorable!!!! I loved my Boppy seat-- didn't get it until kid #4 and wished I had one years before!!!