Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Trip to Kansas

Hi, Last week, I was able to go to Kansas to visit my sister and her family. I flew into Wichita Kansas, where she met me and we drove to Tulsa Oklahoma for a family reunion. I hadnt been there for 19 yrs so it was good to see Aunts, Uncles and cousins again and do what catching up that I could. Some people looked basically the same and some really changed. The next day, I was able to see my Uncle Ed and Aunt Helen. We went to breakfast with my Uncle Eddie at the Indian Cassino, played 1$ and made over 5$ and then I quit, LOL Later that morning we visited my Uncle Allen, and Aunt Doris out on their farm, they raise peacocks and she took us out on the golf cart and away we went out to the fields. Then, later met up with Uncle Ed and Aunt Helen for lunch. It was so much fun. In the afternoon, we headed back to Kansas. It was a long day but very much fun.Linda and Ed live on a 5 acre farm out in the country so it was fun to get some country life for a few days. They have a cute farm house and lots of land. She has a cool craft room in the basement and lots of projects going
Country life is very relaxing. It is so quiet and you hear all the birds and bugs making their noises. They have lots of sunflowers:
Linda and I shopped alot, we hit craft stores, quilt stores, furniture stores, antique stores, all kinds of gift shops. They have alot of small towns but these towns have the best shops. And of course, we all went out to eat. I always eat way to much on vacation. We had fast food, burgers, subs, chinese, and mexican food. Time went really fast and before long it was time to go home. I always hate the good byes, but I had a really good time and love to see my sister anytime that I can. The country is nice but I think I am a city girl. Don and I will go and visit again. She has some other places to take us next time, so that will be fun. I enjoyed it very much and it was alot of fun!!!

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