Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our first day in Texas

Saturday, we loaded up the van: Kim, Kaleb, Kyla, Don, me and Jazzi headed off for San Antonio Texas. The van was packed full with no room for anything else or anybody else, LOL Kim had stuff for the kids to do plus the DVD player which was a life saver!!! They traveled great. We passed by the arch in St Louis and the kids thought it was cool. I always think it is cool to see too.
Spent the night in Okla. The kids were able to swim in the pool and headed out for a 2nd day. Day 2 was fine too and arrived Sunday afternoon. The boys hugged each other when we got there, it was cute!!They got along good, I cant think of any fights really, besides when they would get tired or something. Kaleb liked to sit and read the books on Tylers couch. Monday, we took the kids to this Arts place. They have different stations with different art projects to do: They all seemed to enjoy it all.We had lunch at Tyler's favorite place--Chick-Fil-A and the kids played in the playground. We were getting ready to go but Kaleb decided that he didnt want to go, so he climbed way up to the top in the car!! Well, Kim had to climb up there and get him down, so we thought that was kinda funny, LOL It was hot so we headed to the pool. The kids enjoyed that and it was fun to hang around in the water.Tyler liked Jazzi and she was patient with him pulling her tail, and using her for a pillow and putting blankets on him etc. I think she enjoyed the attention too. Jazzi had fun playing with Ivy and Wrigley. Uncle Scott played a kickball game with the kids and Jazzi got into that game too, until she got ahold of the ball and popped it!! Sorry Jess, I owe Tyler a new ball, :-)
Tyler really likes his grandpa and likes to give him knuckle bumps.And he enjoyed sitting in grandpa's lap. A few times, the other kids had a hard time sharing their grandpa and we reminded them that Tyler doesnt seem him as much as they do.It was a pretty full day Monday and we all enjoyed it and we were all tired out come bedtime. Thats all for now!!!

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