Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Safari Ranch

We went to the Animal Safari ranch and that was pretty cool. The animals come right to your car so you can feed them. I think everybodys favorite was the Zebra's. They looked really cool up close and Allissa got to pet it. But they have some wierd teeth,
The Ostrichs were funny. They just poke their heads right in the car looking for the food and had all 3 girls way on the other side of the car, screaming and laughing, it was funny.We also liked the Giraffe's but they arent on the roads. Kyla says they have some long necks LOLDuring all this, Kaleb was just content as could be, being able to drive the care with Grandpa.We had brought a picnic lunch but had to do it inside cuz it was raining but we still had fun.

We also had Allissa's 11th birthday while we were there. Kim and Jess had taken her shopping and so she made out ok. She got her skinny jeans and her UG boots, that apparently Valerie isnt a fan of, LOL but we all thought she looked very update and stylish in her new clothes.
We did make it to the Riverwalk, and I got to go to my favorite store, The Purple store!! :-) . The boats werent running due to sprinkles, so didnt get to ride them. Had lunch at County line BBQ so that was fun.Time went pretty fast and it was time to go home. But we all had a good time and the dogs all played good together. Jazzi really travels good and she likes to look out the windows at stuff. We all like to go vacation and we all like to come home again

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