Monday, October 19, 2009

We have Pumpkins!!

Ummmm...which one to choose??? We didnt go to the regular pumpkin patch mainly because it has been pretty cool here. Hopefully this week. Once they looked around they found which ones they wanted. You get to pull wagons to get the pumpkins so they thought that , that was cool: They each got a small and a big pumpkin, so they were happy campers and I got a big one too. NO matter how old you are, it is still fun to carve your own pumpkin, for me at least. lol
Kim is going to let them paint on the little pumpkins, then carve the big ones. We will post pics once they are painted.
Kaleb was a happy but in the middle of saying something when the picture snapped, that darn 4 sec delay!!! lo

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  1. The kids look so cute at the pumpkin patch. I need to hobble over to the patch too to get some pumpkins for my front porch and also one to carve into a Chihuahua-latern.