Sunday, October 25, 2009

Where's my Food!!

Now, that Zac is getting older , he gets to have cereal a couple times a day. Vegetables in a few more weeks. The boppie works real good and he sits just fine in it, He likes to be at the table when we are all there, I guess to be part of the action. He is being patient waiting for his food. We take turns feeding him, so that everyone gets the opportunity. He's noticing that he's got ZIP and now is going to make it a little more vocal that he IS still waiting for his food!! He loves to scream this high pitch scream and we ask him if he is part girl!!!! is Uncle Toms turn to feed him, lol I think that is the first time that he has feed Zac. He did a good job and no mess!!It's always wierd that when you feed a baby, we sit there with our mouths open, like we are eating or something, lol I catch myself doing the same thing!! The next feeding we let Kaleb have a shot at it. Kaleb was trying his best but was sticking the spoon to far down his throat and Zac kept gagging sortof. We explained to Kaleb how to do it soft and easy and not shove it down, lol. He did do a little better but we took over so that Zac wouldnt end up with the spooon in his stomach lol Zac is looking like this guy!!!So, when all was said and done, he got feed and was a Happy Boy again!!

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