Sunday, November 1, 2009

We painted, We cut and they trick or treated!!

Because I am behind on what we have been doing, this is kinda long.
I started working on costumes a couple weeks ago. Kyla wanted to be a fairy princess with a pink dress. Kim found a big pink adult size dress with big poofy sleeves, probably someone's dreaded bridesmaid dress LOL at the goodwill store and it went from this:

to this and Kim got her new pink fairy wings and a crown. Kaleb was pretty easy. He was going to be a pirate and I painted red stripes on a white shirt, sewed a pirate belt and Kim got him some black pants and a pirate hat and he was all set. I made Jazzi into a skeleton. I made the bones out of this special plastic paper that glows in the dark, It is really cool. This picture is taken outside in the dark but with the flash you cant tell. She wore it around all afternoon and evening and everyone who came to the door could see her cuz she glowed!! Allissa and her 2 friends are bunnies, so Zac was a carrot.
The week of Halloween, we got the pumpkins. They each got a big one and each little ones. They painted the little ones and they both had fun and liked doing that: And ooppss....Zac got into some of the paint!!! LOL
Since Kim had to work towards the end of the week, closer to Halloween, we cut the pumpkins on Tuesday hoping that they would be ok: Kaleb wasnt into this AT all but Kyla just loved the goup, seeds, cutting and all, so she had fun. Oh, and of course, I made one for Jazzi. Zac had fun watching and he wore the Pumpkin hat!! LOL
They were going to be gone Saturday night so I fixed the Halloween dinner Friday night. We had mummy dogs, (hotdogs/wrapped in dough)
Monster teeth and goop (apple slices and carmel dip), witch toenails (french fries) and skeleton bones and vampire blood , (bread sticks and pizza sauce) and witch brew (orange juice)
And they made graveyard dirt (chocolate pudding) with gummy worms
only to find that they dont like pudding dirt, LOL Oh well!!!
Friday night, Kyla says her pumpkin fell over. O am thinking ok, they are playing rough etc and knocked the thing over. I go into the living room and find this pumpkin all rotting and sunken. We never noticed it before so it must have just happened, so I got them both to the trash. And.....we never even got pictures with the darn pumpkins yet!! Arrggg
When Kim called that she was on her way home from work, I said well....we now know that cutting pumpkins 4 days before Halloween is too soon!!! Kyla wanted to get another pumpkin, so Sat morning, Kim took them and bought just 1 more this time, so we could get pictures. Here is a pictures of the one new pumpkin: They dont look excited but they were, I have that crazy 4 second flash!!! lol
And Kaleb is checking out this candle thing, I am thinking, he is wondering how he can get this candle out to play with it,LOL And last but not least, Aunt Kim with Zac. Poor Aunt Kim seems to always get left out of pictures for some reason. So, the munchkins left with Mom, went trick or treating with Valerie and Jason and I got dad and I subway and we just chilled the whole evening. It was very quiet and relaxing!!
Now, they each have a bag of candy for us to go through and get out the good stuff, that of course, they shouldnt eat!! hehehe

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  1. Please give Jazzi a big kiss from me and the munchkins for her kind words yesterday. Yesterday was a difficult day for all of us and today we are all still pretty said. I am not up to blogging but I am trying not to fall too behind on reading blogs. This post totally gave me a nice pick-me-up. The kids and Jazzi look adorable in their costumes. And OMG what a scrumptious little carrot! That totally made me smile. Looks like you all had a great Halloween!