Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Halloween Walk

Friday was a very busy day!! At Meehan, they have a school parade where they march around the school twice. This is her class's banner, Mrs Wisley's class.
Kyla is a beautiful Butterfly~~
The wings are kinda hanging low~~Just a small adjustment that I had to make when she got home that day.
From 4-6 pm they got to go to the HS for a Halloween Walk.
The different clubs, took a hall and decorated it with cool decorations. One hall had trash bags over the lockers (they have short lockers) from side to side and made like a haunted hallway:
They had games to play like ball toss, bouncing ball in the bucket, hopscotch, pumpkin pickw/the number on the bottom, frisbee pickup w/the number on the bottom.
This must have been left over from Homecoming. It was a dead E-rab and they stuffed it with candy and they were like surgically removing the candy with tongs. These students wore Dr. outfits.And of course, they had face painting. Kaleb got a bat and Kyla got a butterfly. It was a food idea and all the kids were having fun.

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