Saturday, February 12, 2011

Allissa's basketball game!!

MAN!! I am falling way behind here, LOL I have been busy with just stuff and we have been going to Allissa's basketball games. I have been talking my spiffy new video camera in hopes of getting some footage of her making a basket or a 3 point shot, well....I got nothing yet. this last game, I had the video in hand but was looking at something else just for a second and well....she got the ball, ran up court and made the shot. Good you say, yes, very good but do you think I was ready?? NOPE!!! AWww.....the story of my life!! So all I have so far is a picture shot and I will keep trying to get that video for you all!! Allissa is # 11!!
Meanwhile we have little Zac here doing some PR work to get that ball from the ref. We heard him say, I want that ball dude!! Can I have it please?? LOL~~He does have polite manners!!
OK! Thanks, this is the way I like it!! And NO, you dont need it back, go and find yourself another ball, this one is all M-I-N-E!! He is sooo cute LOLWhen the game is going on, you can find Zac chit chatting with the other dads. He looks like he has plenty to say to this guy and uses lots of hand motions. He must get this from his Mom!! LOL

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