Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kaleb's friends birthday party

I have been taking Kyla and Kaleb to Awana's this year at church and they really like it. Kaleb is a cubby and has met a friend name Chase. They always hang out, sit together and give each other fist bumps. They get along really good with each other!!Well, Chase had his first friend party, he was turning 4 yrs old and so Kaleb got invited. Kaleb was very excited about it and was telling everyone about his friend Chase. Now, Kaleb has been to lots of Kims friends, kids parties but this was Kaleb's own friend party. He got him a bears sideline cap and 2 monster trucks, boys dream for sure LOL Here he is leaving for the party.This is Chase and Kaleb. The party was at a play world where they could climb and go through tunnels etc. They both pal-ed around with each other, wrestled here and there and had a blast!
After they played, they had pizza, pop and cake in the party room.
They had this mascot guy come in, I think he name was Rocky. Chase was kinda shy of him but he didn't phase Kaleb at all.
Kaleb really likes his new friend and Chase will definitely be invited to his birthday party this summer.

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  1. It’s always cute to see budding friendships among little kids. When we shifted towns last month, my son was a bit shy adjusting to his new school. But he’s made a few best friends now, and he’s always saying good things about them. Will be celebrating my boy’s 5th birthday this week with an amazing party at a well-known event space. He is very excited that his friends will be attending the party.