Saturday, April 30, 2011

Meeting Molly

Molly Elizabeth was born April 14th and I was able to fly down to see her on April 21. I about died when I saw her because she is sooo cute!! I love all the black hair and the dark completion!! Makes her look real Indian-ish!! LOL~~This is my most Favorite picture of her!!
We were all wondering how would Tyler be? After all he has had Mom and Dad for 4 years all to himself and he is doing great!! He isnt jealous and he loves his little sister so much. He loves to lay his head next to her and when I was there, if Jess had her someplace else, he would ask me where is Molly!! Usually Jess was changing her or feeding her etc.
Molly is such a good baby. I had one like that too, Valerie!! So watch out Jess!! LOL She doesnt really cry/scream etc. She will whimper a little when hungry but once she is fed, she will either sleep or just lay there, and look around and look cute!!! LOL
I just loved looking at her hands and her feet, it is just amazing how small they are. It has only been almost 2 years since Zac was a baby but how fast you forget how much fun they are as babies. We will be there in June again and I know she will have grown so fast but by then we should see SMILES like crazy!! LOL My sister, Linda had sent a package that Jessica opened after I go there. It was a baby quilt for Molly. Jessica loved it and it matches Molly's yellow pastel room perfectly. She does such a great job on the quilts. Jessica claims that she has the cutest quilts of all the grandkid quilts LOL


  1. What a sweet baby and what a beautiful quilt. I ow you enjoyed your time with Tyler - he looks like he just loves his little sister.


  2. Molly is so beautiful! I know you must have been so excited to fly down to see her! She is lucky to have a great big brother like Tyler! He will help keep all the boys away when she is older! They are going to need all the help they can get with that, because she is such a cutie pie!