Tuesday, April 5, 2011

being in the right spot at the right time!!

Kim worked alot this weekend, so Monday afternoon she took the kids to K-mart to look at the toys!! Before they left she took a gander at the kids clothes and found that they were clearancing out Bears clothes at 90% off. They were $1.49 each. She said she just took 4 to the register in case it wasn't the real price and sure enough it was. So she went back and cleared out all that they had. She got 4 prs of pajama pants: 6 t-shirts, all sizes:
and 5 hoody's. They were each originally $20.00 a piece and those were $1.99.
When we added it all up, she got $255.00 in clothes for $32.00!! What a buy huh?? Now that is being in the right spot at the right time, LOL She will give some away and save the hoodies for Kaleb, he will grow into them and you can never have too many Bears clothes!! LOL Amazing huh??

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  1. I'm just hoping he doesn't change teams before he outgrows them!!