Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our trip to Home Depot

While I was there I was able to spend some time with Tyler too. Saturday morning, Tyler and I went to Home Depot to their kids workshop. He decided to make a heart shape shelf for his sister. He had no problem hammering it all together and it looked great when he finished it. He is such a pro at this stuff and now he just has to paint it now and make it all pretty for her.While were there, I took him on a shopping trip. Now, Tyler LOVES his tools and LOVES to take things apart. He has his own personal drill and real tools. So I found a few pieces of nice soft wood and we added some things for him to work with. We got a door handle, some hinges to hinge the wood together, some different kinds of door hooks, some eye hooks, a new hand screw driver, some tape, a nice sand block and a snazzy bag to keep all his stuff in. I also found a kit for us to do.
With these eye hooks, he can weave the string through the holes whatever way he wants and notice the circles. They are magnet circles, so when he takes the screw out, it goes right to the magnet circle hence avoids the problem of roll away screws~~at least that's the plan!! LOLThe golf kit seemed perfect cuz Tyler also has his own set of golf clubs!! hard can a kit be to put together?? It says 60 min. OK great!! Pieces all out!! See....those triangle pieces?? Well, they need to be cut in half?? All Scott has is a big ole saw for tree limbs etc. LOL Now WHO sells a kit that doesn't already have the pieces cut and ready to assemble?? Ok, so about 40 min or so later the pieces are cut, not smooth and flesh but never the less cut.
See....that piece of wood that is in half around that circle? well....that was suppose to be one whole piece and not into 2 pieces, so we had that to contend with, LOL The wood was very soft and cracked easily and some of the wood was warped and some of it, I just goofed and so 2 1/2 hrs later, I finished. Tyler was playing when it was all said and done, LOL I was really getting frustrated with this thing and told Jess, if I ever have this idea again~~Just STOP ME~~ROFL
But in any case, here he is trying to get the ball up the ramp and into the hole in one!!
Tyler will probably have more fun painting it than playing it, LOL But hey!! It was time together and still fun!! ENJOY Tyler!!

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