Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy BIrthday Molly

I was able to come down and be here for Molly's first Birthday. Its a lemonade party so of course she has to have her own lemonade stand. She is quite the business girl.
A little help from big brother Tyler. Mom, Dad and Molly.Jessica decorated the house really cute and had pictures of Molly out.
There was lots of food and it was very delicious. Everyone enjoyed the food. After eating, Molly got to open gifts. At first she didn't really know what to do but she got the hang real fast Ha! Jess had game for the kids, that us adults were anxious to see them play. They were each given a lemon and the game was to see who could suck on the lemon the longest. We were laughing about the funny expressions that we would see. Do you see any expressions?? That's cuz there weren't any!! They all just stood there and sucked on the lemons. The adults thought that this game was no fun!!
All the guest got jars to make their own lemon cookies!!
It was a very nice party and she had a great first birthday!

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