Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tyler's Preschool

When I was in Texas, Jess and I were out running around and we stopped and picked up Tyler from preschool. I wanted to go in and see his room and have him show me things in his classroom. I do this for the kids and I think it is fun. He has several centers in the room.

Looks like a computer center and there are lots of books and toys. He showed me his drawings around the room.
We decided that this is a project that they are working on.  I am not sure just what yet, but I am sure it will be nice when it is all done.
This is Tyler's teacher Miss Donna. She seemed very nice and he really likes her. He is learning so much in school and can write his name and he tells you all about his day.
After school, we stopped at the Home Depot. Tyler loves these places and he can find a ton of things that he wants in here. His mean ole mom wouldn't even buy him any tape!! LOL

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  1. What a neat school! I bet he has fun there! WHAT -- no tape....ha ha!