Monday, April 9, 2012

Kyla's Pink bedroom

The room Kyla was in was pretty plain so we decided to give her a new room. She LOVES Pink, so we knew that pink was the right choice. One wall is stripes and 3 three walls are the light Pink since Kyla is a Pink girl!! She wanted a Zebra comforter so I made this one and it is super warm in our cold winters here in IL.

The eyelet curtains were there originally, so I just splatter painted them with black to go with the room and added some bows for tiebacks and some different pink butterflies on the curtains. I made her little side table and on the front of it is a black chalkboard so she can be creative!! As you can see, I did the top with black polka dots. There are sprigs of green in the room and since Kyla loves shoes and purses so I made these shoes and purses and added them to the wall and I thinks that it adds that Special touch to the room. I made the shoes and purses out of foam and scrapbook paper and embelishments.This one wall had one lonely sad looking desk and she had pretty much out grown it. I wanted to make her a nice desk but too cheap to buy anything, LOL I had this bookshelf to the right, a LONG board and a unfinished nightstand. I knew I could come up with something~~it was a challenge for me!! So....with a little work, I painted the night stand to match the room, and designed a spiffy desk area for her to write and design at.
She has space for her books, hair Barrett's/headbands, her CD player/Cd's, and her desk supplies. There is a mirror to do her hair just her height. Plus now she has extra drawers for socks and whatnot!!
We added some cute hangy balls on the corner for color:
Her Aunt gave her these frames and we put them to use. Kyla has 2 stepsisters and 1 step brother so we will put their pictures in there as soon as we get current pictures.
For my last project, I had an old bulletin board and painted it with Magnet paint. Painted some flip flops to hold her notes on her magnet board and I found an old metal fabric lined purse in the basement which went just perfect. She keeps all her crayons in it and it works perfect.Now....If I cant find her, I just have to check her room and there she is. I have TONS of painted and colored pictures and I love them all!! LOL She loves her room and her desk.

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