Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A best garage sale find

Thank goodness for Garage sales. Kim, me and the kids went to some garage sales. We just found bits and pieces until she drove by one garage sale and she spotted this. It is the Rescue Hero command station. I didnt even notice it when we drove by it but Kim noticed it right away, turned around and we checked on it. It was $10.00 but with the 2 of us we got the guy down to just $4.00. LOL  Kaleb loves it and has played with it for hours. Kim said, "It is sad that her life has come down to recognizing the rescue hero command station" LOL

Zac loved it too and on Valerie's way home she saw one along the road for Free!! They were throwing it away and it came with about 3 other things too. She always has to be the showoff!! LOL

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