Friday, June 1, 2012

Our mini wienie roast

Being from Oklahoma, I really loved the family wienie roast's that we used to have. It was always a fun time. I get in moods for them now and again. Today I decided to have a mini wienie roast, LOL Kim told me about putting charcoal in a clay pot and bam!!  So we put it to the test. It took a bit to get the fire going and the hotdogs were a bit slow going.

It was so slow that we had to go to plan B!!  But Hey! they cooked awhole lot faster.

The hotdogs were really good and then we roasted marshmallows. Just had a couple of them catch on fire, LOL These were the really HUGE marshmallows too.
After dinner, we took a walk, got ice-cream from our ice-cream truck in the neighborhood, made shadows (our header) and so it was quite an evening!!

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