Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Boone County Fair

We had our county fair last week. Kim had taken the kids to the fair but they wanted to go again so I took them again. We did go through the buildings to see all the booths. When Kim had the kids there, they were collecting pens for Kim for work. So when I took them through the booths, Kyla is grabbing pens like they are going outta style. She is telling the people that her mom is collecting pens and I am sure they thought that it was me. She would take some and she would have Kaleb take some too. I mean it was getting embarrassing LOL and now we have a TON of pens LOL I figured I better get them out of the booth building. So we headed to the animals. We didn't see all the animals but we did see the cows. They are so pretty with their black spots.
This little girl was fast asleep with her cow pillow and sleeping against her cow. She just woke up so we asked if we could get her picture, LOL cuz it was still cute!!
Kim said they could ride 1 ride a piece, so Kaleb choose the motor boats deal. We could use one of these in our yard and it would keep the kids busy all the time LOL
A wave!!!
LOOK!! No hands!!
Couldn't go and not get pictures of the tractors. They were huge and they loved climbing on them and we don't know if they were suppose to be or not but....oh well!!!

This was Kyla's ride. I don't know the name of it but you stand up and it goes up and around. You can tell she is growing up cuz last year it was the flying bees!!! LOL

We walked up and down the isles, got faces painted and after hot dogs, pizza, pop, nuts, ice cream and cotton candy and some treats for Jazzi we were on our way home!! LOL It was a fun day at the fair.


  1. Im sure they had a great day with Grandma.... especially after having all that fair food!!

    Rubies mum xxx