Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kyla's 7th birthday

Kyla's 7th b-day was July 27th. Kim barricaded her into her room and YES....we let her out. I said "Wait, ummmm lets think about this first " LOL

Carrie and Jason and the boys came over for breakfast. Breakfast was chocolate cake with white frosting and ice cream~~its the breakfast of Champions ya know??
And the gifts came. Jess she LOVED both of your barbies!!
Angry birds shirt
lots more stuff....clothes, tosy, sheets,
And an American girl doll. It kinda has her same color of hair. She really wanted one and she got clothes to go with it, she got lots of money $103.00 to be exact. Grandpa was trying to get her to float him a loan, he said "Cant you help a grandpa out?? She said Nope!! LOL
It was a good day for her. Later in the day, Kim just let her keep her cell so she could take all her birthday phone calls!! LOL She got to go to lunch and dinner so all was good for her!!

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