Saturday, August 18, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Kaleb

Today, August 18th Kaleb is 5 yrs old. Kim safely taped him in his room. He saw it in the morning and since Kim was working he didn't want to tear it down so he climbed ever so gently under the streamers all day to get in and out of his room :-)
The presents sat in the DR waiting for Mom to get home this afternoon. He kept saying, I really, really, really want to open his gifts, he was dying!! Then we hear the garage opening and Yah!! Mom was home. In mear minutes, they were all opened and we had one Happy Birthday boy!! He got Rescue rangers, angry bird sheets, angry bird pillow, an angry bird wallet w/ money, target gift card, puzzles, a penguin dream light and lots of other stuff too.
Then it came time to tear down the streamers!!
Uncle Jon and Ruth were here for Pizza for dinner and cake for dessert. Kim had made a camouflage cake and it was really good. We had put the relighted candles on it and as he blew they kept relighting, LOL The more he blew, pretty soon he was blowing spitting and we weren't really sure if we wanted any cake, so he HAD to stop. LOL It was funny though.
They also went to Magic Waters with a bunch of friends, so all in all, he had a great birthday and he is now sound asleep in his new Angry bird sheets, angry bird pillow and his dream light shining on the ceiling. They look so cute they look when they are sleeping!!

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