Friday, August 2, 2013

The Ducks

When we went to Texas, we all took off for Austin for a couple days. We have only driven through it but have never seen the sites. It is a pretty cool city. We took the Duck tour where the boat drives on land and then in the water too. It toured a lot of historical sites in Austin and we had a great driver than made the ride fun and it was very interesting. We all received duck horns and blew them along the ride.
Tyler was less than thrilled about the duck whistle whereas I thought that he would Love it, I mean a chance for a boy to make noise!! Maybe it isn't as much fun when you can make the noise go figure!! lol
Here's the water. It was on a big lake and very pretty.
Nice homes and Don and I decided to buy the last one on the right of the 4 white homes, uh my dreams!!! and probably not even then LOL
On the way home we stopped at the Louisiana Longhorn CafĂ©. It was very unique and had good food. We did try some Alligator meat.
It really wasn't that bad, it was just the fact that I knew what I was eating. I couldn't have too much because it is cooked in peanut oil and I am allergic to peanut oil.
It was a fun day and even though it was 100 degrees!!

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