Friday, August 30, 2013

The garage sale with spaghetti bread!!

Last week, I helped Valerie out with her garage sale. It was kinda slow but she made the most money. This was Bailey's and Zac's favorite spot to sit and play and no, they didnt fall off, LOL
I stayed for dinner cuz she was making spaghetti bread and it was very good BTW. Anyway I was sitting there talking and turned out that there were leftover noodles. I soon found out what they do with the left over noodles. I look up to get splatted with noodles!!! Yes, they have noodle fights. I am thinkin....are these people, my family raised be wolves??? LOL Of course, being the mature person that I am, I threw them right back and hence starts the fight.

As you can see, Jake was really enjoying this noodle fight, he isnt objecting one bit. I must admit it was fun and next time I am there for spaghetti, I will be more prepared~~with maybe my own stash!! Shhhhhh

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