Saturday, August 3, 2013

Our paintings

Jess had found this painting place. Painting with a Twist. There were about 35 women and 1 man there!! Poor guy, he was on date and kinda had to go, LOL Anyway, You go and they have a certain picture for the night and the teacher shows you how to paint and you do just what he does, lol Sounds easy huh??  He showed us how to do the background and the branches.....
By blending colors, you add in some greenish leaves......
And then the flowers. They both turned out different but I think we both did a great job and it was soo much fun and something to do with Jessica, so that was the best part.
See the picture on the left of me, It is so cute and would look great in Molly's room. Jess is going to take that class to do that painting later on. But Molly will have purple boots cuz that is her favorite color just like her grandma!! :-)

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