Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Eve

We have a nice mailman that leaves Jazzi a dog biscuit every day and the kids each a piece of candy so we wanted to do something nice for him. The kids made rice krispie treats, shaped them like eggs and dipped them in almond bark and put sprinkles over them. They turned out pretty cute
and Kim had gotten a GC to Machine Shed, so Kyla addressed the front of the card herself. Saturday night, we went to Grandma's house. Duane, Mary Jo, Jeff and Natalie and Conner were in town. We had a dinner and it was fun. Conner is so cute and so big now and running around.Natalie and Conner~~
Zac has just learned to go up the stairs and he went up Grandma's stairs.Aunt Diane had bubbles and was blowing them for the kids.
Kaleb kept trying to catch them by biting them lol It was a good evening and we all had fun hanging out.

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