Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Birthday

HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY ~~Tom baby boy is now 23 yrs old. YIKES, that makes me getting really old too!! LOL We had Mississppi mud cake and ice-cream this morning. That is the breakfast of champions. One swift blow and all the candles were out!!
Kim says, it seems like just yesterday, that her, Jess and I were cheering for him to walk from the couch to the loveseat~~
He always like Kim to do his hair up and over for him~~
He was scared of the trampoline when we first got it~~
After we got Sprint, he was scared of the dog and stayed on the couch for like 2 weeks~~
The time that he got his foot caught in the spokes of the bike and was laying in the street screaming~~

Where has the time gone??? We are proud of him and happy that he is our son!!! We all love you Tom and have a wonderful day!!

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