Saturday, April 10, 2010

The New Swingset~~all done!!

Don gave in and let Kim buy a swingset, even though his grass may get messed up. The purchase has been made and here sits the box in the entryway.Kim and I going to try and assemble this ourselves!! Kim was a little unsure but I am like Come on, we CAN do it!!! This was a challenge just trying to read the instructions but with 2 kids picking up screws and pieces and hittin each other and us in the heads with the pipe peices made it even more challenging!! Don supervised and mostly snickered at us, lol. After a couple tries, we got the teeter thing and slide together. Course the kids can't stay off the slide!!

Kim is like can we call the place back and pay to have them come and finish it for us?? She offered to pay, lol We all said no, we can do it, reluctantly she continued. The screwdriver broke and the power screwdriver went weak and then Tom came along and had tools in his car. Once we moved it outside,Tom helped us get it put together. Don said he just HAD to go to bed yah right!!! lol Kyla was our tester everytime we got an piece on it, just to make sure it worked!!Finally, here it is~~Our new swing!! Kyla just learned how to pump herself for the very first time!!Kaleb was taking a nap, so he hasn't been able to play on it yet. They are with Shawn this weekend, so come Sunday night, we all know where Kaleb will be!!

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