Monday, May 2, 2011


Since I was in Texas over Easter, Tyler and I got to color Easter Eggs together. He was all about getting the colors mixed up and he thought that it was pretty cool. After all, Tyler had his rabbit tongs and was going to town on these eggs:I had boiled about 14 eggs and MAN!! It didn't take long to get those done. I knew we had to stretch it out some more so there was another uncooked dozen in the fridge, so we did those too, uncooked of course!!LOL I tried to be careful and not to get those eggs mixed up and well, he might as laid some down that I didn't see, cuz one of the eggs that I thought was cooked, umm...cracked, OOpssss!!!! LOL It was kinda funnyHe sat the eggs out for the Easter Bunny and he asked me:
**How does the bunny get in to hide the eggs??? LOL I said Well..Santa comes in through the fireplace, maybe the bunny does too.

**How does he Hop down the fireplace?? LOL I said Well....yah bunnies has special ways of doing a hop-jump right down that fireplace!!

**How does the bunny get to everyone's house?? I said Well.....they jump make it snappy and hip hop and they get it all done!!

Jess was leaving leaving carrots out and he asks:
**What if the bunny is full of carrots and doesn't want anymore?? I said Well....the bunnies never get tired of carrots LOL~~Tyler just asks way TOO many questions!!

I told him that once when his Mom was little, that she said she saw the bunnies shaking her bed, and she really did think that LOL and that was my mistake:

**Are the Bunnies going to shake my bunk bed?? I opened up a whole lot of questions LOL We assured him that they wont shake his bed and for him to go to sleep, LOL

He got up the next morning and had fun finding all the eggs. We got everyone ready to go to church and took some pictures before we left. Molly had her new Easter dress on. Great Grandma Chambers made this yellow sweater for Tyler and it was the perfect size to fit Molly so she wore it with her dress. It looked really cute.Nice family picture huh??
After church, we are, had naps and it turned out to be a good Easter Sunday!!

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