Thursday, October 7, 2010

Zac learns to climb the ladder

Last week one day, Zac learned to climb the ladder on Kaleb's bed. He would climb and play up there and then go down the slide. He sees Kyla and Kaleb run down the slide. So the first time, he thought he would be super cool and run down the slide. He got going so fast, that he scared himself LOL but.....he didn't fall!! He was graceful!!and then he would only slide after that. We got the video camera out and see if he would do it again, but he wouldn't. He just looks like he is going head first though LOL We told Valerie about him running down and she was glad that she wasn't here to see it, LOL It was funny though!! Here is a video of about the 3rd time he climbed up the ladder.

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