Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cleaning day here today

Don took a couple days off to get work done around the house. Well yesterday nothing got done but groceries and a nap for Don. So, today we had to really hit it. First was cleaning out the stuff in the garage, throwing some away and re-arranging the rest. Kim was taking the kids to do errands and to a friends football game and Kyla didnt want to go so she stayed with us and we put her to work earning her keep LOLAfter the garage was cleaned, we started on the zillion windows that we have LOL We always start on the top cuz it is the hardest part Photo by Kyla LOL
And we put Kyla right to work. She thought it was great to squirt the cleaner on and have her very own paper towels LOL She had fun washing. When we got to the front, she got to climb up the big ladder.
When the front windows were done, Kyla got to climb through the window!!
Then it was off to the yard. Grandpa was going to fertilize so she followed him and watched and I am pretty sure she was talking the whole time LOLWe still have to do the bottom windows tomorrow but we got alot done today with Kyla's help!! She told her mom that her and Kaleb missed all the fun today LOL

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