Saturday, October 2, 2010

Babysitting Zac

Tonight, (Friday) I got to babysit Zac while Jason and Valerie went to a football game. When he is our house, I don't get much time with him cuz all he wants is Aunt Kim!! was nice to have time with him by myself.
Pizza came and Jake about attacked the pizza guy and almost got out of the house, but I managed to keep him in. He is pretty strong!! Zac checked the pizza and bread sticks out just to make sure that they were safe for consumption!!!After pizza and pop, we ate dessert. I brought some candy corn and some smarties. He said the word "Candy"!! We were plugging away until he started chocking, I thought he was eating the candy corn~~instead he was saving them all in his mouth~~he got such a mouthful that he started choking LOL So I ended up with a hand full of 1/2 chewed candy corns in my hand!
I decided that it was time to move on to the Fun Stuffs~~Crafts!! Zac painted a pumpkin!! He kept trying to touch the paint and put it in his mouth LOL
Next came the Finger Painting....He kinda got into this and he had fun with it. He made 3 pictures.
We read some books, played some and time flew and pretty soon it was pajama time, bottle and off to La-La land!! They look so cute when they are sleeping.

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