Sunday, October 3, 2010

Allissa's 13th birthday

ALLISSA'S 13th Birthday!!

We went to Allissa's house for Tacos, and dips etc. It was all good and thats cuz Valerie is such a good cook!! ;-) Ate and now for opening of the GIFTS!!! yay!
A cool jacket from Kim and Jess that she saw earlier and just HAD to have that day!! Little did she know that she was getting it for her B-day.

Money is always the perfect gift too. She loves spending money!!! and what girl doesn't??
Cake and Candles~~~First, I was worried about all the fire, and thought we better have the FD on speed dial, just in case!! LOL
She blew them all out and we knew that she could cuz of all the HOT AIR!! ROFL Although I must admit that it did get just a Tad smokey!!!
Grandpa and Allissa!!
We hope you will have a great day tomorrow!! We love you and are very proud of you!!
Oh yah and Welcome to the Wild and Wacky teenage years!! :-)

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