Friday, August 19, 2011

Kyla starts 1st grade

Last Wednesday, Kyla started 1 st grade. She was quite excited and one of her good friends Kate is in her class.She wanted to go in all by herself and had no problems finding her room etc. She comes out and walks to the car, she doesn't want anyone coming up and getting her, that is so kindergartenish!! Her 1st 3 days of school were good. They had FUN and she was enjoying it totally. BUT......on Monday guess what came home with Kyla?????

A list of about 8 SPELLING words!! LOL

And to make matters worse, mean ole Mom was making her write them 5 times each. There were tears shed, she didnt want to do homework!! LOL She finally stopped crying and decided just to do the writing. Oh! the beginning of the homework battles!! LOL

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