Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kaleb's preschool

On August 17th Kaleb started preschool. He has some crafty teachers too. These were projects that were made for the kids, a paper backpack with candy in it and they had a balloon a few days before school started. This was sent to Kim annoucing school and all the details and it is all handmade.Now....comes the first day of school: Kim took him and he walked right in the room and never even looked back LOL This is Kaleb's own personal cubby and he has a coat hook below the cubbies.
I picked Kaleb up after school and so he took me in and showed me around his classroom. This is the table where he sits.After I took Kaleb's picture, Zac sat down and wanted his picture taken too. Zac loved being there and wanted to play with all the toys LOL
Here are the centers that are in his room:
Kale loves it so far and is ready to go back again even after the weekend off so that is good. I think he is going to have a good year there this year.

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