Friday, August 19, 2011

Kaleb's 4th Birthday

Thursday was Kaleb's 4th Birthday and he had a really full day. He started off with gifts from Mom and Kyla in the morning: Bubble Gum...which he LOVES gum LOL
A big monster truck from Kyla which plays real good in our piles of dirt outside, LOL
A couple computer games for learning but Ssshhhh.....we aren't telling him that stuff, he thinks they are for Fun!!His very own piggy bank that came with a bag of money. Hey!! I want one of those bags for my birthday Kim Ha!He had candles in his egg casserole this morning and we all sang Happy Birthday!!
Kaleb and Kim met some friends for lunch at Mc Donald's and he really liked that. After Kyla got home from school, we had the official birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday again.After cake, he opened Grandma and Grandpas gifts for him. He ALWAYS wants to dress like a football player and so hence a brand new football with a stand so he can learn to kick it.
And I got brave and got him his own skateboard, LOL hey, Tom loved his, and it is wide enough that he can even sit on it. Kim knows that he is gonna kill himself with it, but I have confidence that he will learn to ride it safely LOL Although he was messing with it tonight and that darn skateboard attacked him and he was bleeding!! Once he learns, he will have plenty of fun. After that, Kim and the kids headed out to dinner and came home with leftovers, so we always like that!! All in all , he had a great birthday and he says he feels older already, LOL Oh, to be 4 again!!

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