Friday, August 5, 2011

We got Dirt for the garage

That's right, we have dirt and a BIG pile of it!! The kids love climbing it being the kids of the hill!! LOL Don is going crazy with a big pile of dirt killing his grass!! LOL and plus a big board fell during the storm the other night and none of us noticed it and guess what? By the time we saw it, it had killed all the grass. I didn't get a picture of it yet though. LOL Every time, he sees that he moans!! He saw this big pile when he went to bed the day that they were working on the garage.
So you can imagine the horror that he faced when he woke up that night to find:
ANOTHER Big hill of dirt~~killing more of his dirt, ROFL This one by the street! The kids love climbing this one too!! I told the kids that they can only climb the dirt hills when Grandpa is in bed, or I will hear Diana!! Get these kids off the dirt!!~~whenever they climb they are knocking more dirt all over the ground ROFL Can you hear it???
Tonight, he is like, "Oh my grass!!!" I said "don't worry we can get it all back to normal next spring and it will die this fall anyways", it didn't seem to help him feel much better LOL

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