Thursday, August 11, 2011

She learned it, she learned it

YAY!! Kyla has finally learned how to ride her bike. She got a new bike for Easter and she has been trying to learn but there has been lots of whines, and crys and I cants etc. Kim and Grandpa would run along side of her and she wobbled and bla bla bla... She wouldn't ever let me run along side of her cuz she said she knew that I would try and trick her and I would let go, and well....I would have LOL.Well.....the 2 weeks that Kim and the kids spent at Valerie's after my surgery, Kim took the bike over. They did find that the new bike was a little big and she couldn't touch really good, so they drug out her old one which already had the training wheels off of and Valerie worked with her and taught her to ride her bike. So the other day she took us all out and showed us how to do it. This pic is just after she started herself.....and she is zipping right along and turning the corners even, How about that?? She was thrilled to be able to finally ride her bike. Guess the new one will wait until next summer so she can get a bit taller LOL Hey Valerie!! Kyla has 8 days in which to learn to tie her own shoes, are you available???

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