Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Zac sleeps over!!

Last night, Zac spent the night. He sleeps in the pack and play in our room. For my kids, I usually didn't let them come and sleep in our bed, unless they were sick or something. This morning Zac woke up at 5:55 am. I wasn't ready to get up yet, so I let him stay in his bed hoping that he would go back to sleep. I hear a call for Mom!! several times~~No Mom. Then comes the call for Daddy several times~~No Daddy. I realized that he wasn't going to go back to sleep so...what did I do?? I got up and brought him back to bed with me!! The rule doesn't stand for the grand kids. LOL So, I brought him back to bed and since we have the water bed, I swished him back to sleep for another hour!! All I can say is~~Thank goodness for water beds!! :-)

At 7:00, Kim got him up and was getting Kyla ready for school. She was gonna take all the kids with her, She said things were going GREAT, lunch was made, all coats on and she was on time too. She loading in the van and discovered that she has a flat tire!! Don isn't home from work yet, and my car was in the shop. Luckily Uncle Tom was home and so he took Kyla to school, and he went to school from there. In the meantime, we have Kaleb crying cuz he cant go with Uncle Tom to take Kyla to school, and we have Zac crying cuz he cant go in Aunt Kim's van. Kim fed them some yummy pancakes and they were Happy again.

Now, my car is back from the shop, Don is home changing the tire and so I think all is well in the Chambers World again!! What a morning!! LOL Here are pictures from Grandpa changing the tire.

"Here grandpa, can I use this???Hey Grandpa, Can we both be of assistance?? please??? We are good helpers!!! really!!
Well, this is what Grandpa thought of our help!! How rude!! LOL
Thanks to Kaleb and Zac, the tire is changed and now they can have some serious R & R!

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