Tuesday, May 31, 2011

She passed

Kyla's last day of school was a FUN day and I got to go and help out with it. They had about 8 stations to do things. They had carry the ball between your legs,Bowling~~Look at that Style!! And they had things like a cake walk without the cake, LOL bingo, picture coloring etc. Here is Kyla and her friend Kate, They get along really good, but there is a size issue. Kyla is sitting down and Kate is standing up, LOL.Here is her teacher Mrs Wisely!! She was a fantastic teacher, very organized and the kids learned so much from her, we were very happy that Kyla had her.She even got a Kindergarten yearbook!! lol
And.....the really good news is...that she passed!!! Yippee!!
She is no longer a shrimpy kindergartener, she is now a 1st grader!! Grandpa had to verify to make sure that this was indeed her report card!! LOL

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