Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mothers Day Buttons

Kim wanted to make a button for Valerie from Zac for Mothers Day. Kim made the sign and BOY!! We couldn't get him to smile for anything!! LOL We were jumping down, waving, Kaleb was making funny faces, he probably thought that we were a bunch of crack-pots!! LOL We even used reverse psychology and got Zip!! LOL This was the best we could get.
As I was going through other pictures, we found that Zac looks just like Valerie. So I snipped out a picture and added to to Zac's button for her to wear on Mothers Day at work. She said alot of people noticed it and thought they were both cute. So, then I thought if Valerie has a button, then I should make some for Kim from the kids, since she was working at the same place as Valerie. So we did their silhouettes and they thought that it was pretty cool to see themselves sideways, LOL They told me what to write and I added a regular picture and Tada!!

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